Friday, March 21, 2008

2008 World Figure Skating Championships - Men SP

1 Jeffrey BUTTLE CAN 82.10
2 Johnny WEIR USA 80.79
3 Daisuke TAKAHASHI JPN 80.40
4 Tomas VERNER CZE 79.87
5 Stephane LAMBIEL SUI 79.12
6 Brian JOUBERT FRA 77.75
7 Patrick CHAN CAN 72.81
8 Takahiko KOZUKA JPN 70.91
9 Kevin VAN DER PERREN BEL 70.24
10 Kristoffer BERNTSSON SWE 69.02

The competition was pretty dull this week but the Men SP changed that. The last four groups were great, the skaters gave all they had and there was a real battle going on.

Great skates, mistakes included but still great: Takahashi, Verner, Joubert, Berntsson, Lambiel.

Buttle and Weird weren't bad but boring. No matter what some say Joubert didn't deserve the second point deducted.

Fluff highlights of the day: Verner and Joubert blowing kisses at each other through the camera.

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