Monday, March 25, 2013

"Efectul de nautil" and "Zombii. Cartea mortilor vii" Book Launch

Well, I wasn't there, but people kept telling me that the book launch went very well, and now we have proofs too.

Here are photos from "Efectul de nautil" book launch and photos from Final Frontier book fair in general courtesy of Assassin CG.

And here are videos from the launch courtesy of the same Assassin: part 1 and part 2.

The speakers were Horia Ursu from Millennium Books and Mircea Naidin. I thank them both for the nice presentation.

Lessons to be learned for upcoming writers: 1) make sure to have a well-organized website so people can find information about you; 2) be careful what you say in the interviews because you never know when you will be quoted next. :)

The launch of "Zombii. Cartea mortilor vii" took place during the same panel, right after my launch, and we have videos from that too: part 1 and part 2.

The speakers were Mircea Pricajan (the editor of the book) and Mihai Adascalitei from Dark Wolf's Fantasy Reviews.

One small correction I have to make as they discussed at some point how many of the authors are from Transylvania. I just happen to be born in Moldavia and live here, but my dad is from Vallachia and my mom is from Transylvania where I spent a big part of my childhood, so I consider myself to be Transylvanian. :)

As far as I am concerned, Assassin is the star of the day because he filmed the whole thing!

Now that we've had the book launch(es), the book(s) should be in the stores soon. If you can't wait, you can order them here.

Update: Catalin Badea-Gheracostea talks about Final Frontier and "Efectul de nautil" in his article from Observator cultural.

2nd update: And here is an article about the event on Galileo Online.

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