Monday, March 11, 2013

New Story in Argos Magazine

A new Romanian sci fi and fantasy magazine has been launched: Argos Magazine. Published by Texarom LLC and Media-Tech, and edited by Michael Haulica, Argos will have bi-monthly digital issues with part of the content available for free on the magazine's website as well as exclusive ebook content.

What does Argos bring beside a strong team and a kick ass cover art? Argos actually pays the writers for their work. I think it's the first Romanian sci fi and fantasy magazine that does that.

And to make it even better, the first Argos issue (April 2013) includes my short story "Un zambet de milioane" (A Smile Worth Millions). Now this story won an AtelierKult contest in 2012 so I'm quite proud of it. It's part of the exclusive content, which means you can read it starting with March 22 when the ebook becomes available.

Enjoy! :)

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