Friday, March 22, 2013

Final Frontier Update

Due to health issues, I won't be able to attend Final Frontier book fair in Bucharest this weekend, and I'll miss my own book launch. Boo-hoo!!

For those of you who considered going in hope of getting my autograph, fear not, I have a little something prepared and sent ahead so make sure to stop by the Millennium Books' stand and check the merchandize. And if you're there buy a book or two as they promise nice discounts.

What books to get? I'm happy to suggest mine and the anthologies that include my stories.

From Millennium Books:
  • "Efectul de nautil" by Ioana Visan
  • "Zombii: Cartea mortilor vii" edited by Mircea Pricajan 
  • "Cele 1001 de scorneli ale Mosului SF" edited by Stefan Ghidoveanu
  • "Steampunk: A doua revolutie" edited by Adrian Craciun
  • "Dansand pe Marte si alte povestiri fantastice" edited by Michael Haulica

From Nemira:
  • "Calatorii in timp. Antologie de povestiri SF" edited by Antuza Genescu
    (on their site, the book's status is still set to pre-order, but who knows maybe it will be there)

If you can't make it to Final Frontier, the books can be ordered on-line here and here, and the discounts still apply! 

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